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May 2017

Please note that while lunch is served at both schools, breakfast is only served at Waddell.


Item Harrington Waddell Price Lylburn Downing Price
Student Breakfast $1.00 $1.00
Student Reduced Breakfast .30 .30
Adult Breakfast 1.30 1.30
Student Lunch 2.20 2.40
Student Reduced Lunch .40 .40
Adult Lunch 3.00 3.00
Ice Tea, Adult .25 .25
Milk .40 .40
Breadstick .40 .40
Breakfast Pizza .80 .80
Cereal .50 .50
Chips .60 .60
Cookies .40 .40
Fruit .50 .50
Goldfish .50 .50
Ice Cream .65 .65
Main Dish (Entree) 1.35 1.35
Muffin .65 .65
Roll .40 .40
Salad, Chef 2.25 2.25
Salad, Regular 1.35 1.35
Vegetables .50 .50
Whole Grain Saltine Crackers .15 .15
Yogurt .50 .50
Yogurt Parfait .80 .80


At Lexington City Schools we utilize the Café Terminal lunchroom software.  This system allows cafeteria staff and parents to track spending and purchasing in our lunchrooms.  Parents will be able to monitor their child's purchases through itemized printouts.

To replenish funds, please print the Café Terminal form and complete the deposit portion.  Return it to the school with your deposit in an envelope marked "LUNCH PROGRAM".  You can pay by check (preferred) or cash in any amount.  Please make checks payable to "Lexington City Schools".

We request that initial deposits be ready prior to the start of school.  For Waddell, please bring initial deposits to "Meet the Teacher" night.  For Lylburn Downing, initial deposits can be made on the day schedules are picked up.

Café Terminal Form

Student Wellness Policy

The Student Wellness Policy for Lexington City Schools can be accessed via the following link:

Student Wellness Policy