Gifted Education

Gifted Committee Parent Survey

The Gifted Committee at Lylburn Downing is reaching out to parents of current students identified as gifted.  We, as the Gifted Committee, look to a variety of resources to reflect on successes, as well as opportunities of growth. We are currently seeking feedback from parents both about the effectiveness of our school’s programs for your child and for suggestions about ways that the LDMS Gifted Program could more effectively encourage gifted students to move beyond class expectations. Your experiences and insight are invaluable to us as we consider both of these questions. 

Please take the time to complete the survey before March 18th and help us to improve opportunities for gifted students.

Gifted Education at LDMS

Lylburn Downing Middle School strives to meet the needs of each student. The goal for gifted students is that we- parents, teachers, and students- work together to extend learning according to each individual’s interests and passions.


The Gifted program helps to provide students with academically challenging opportunities that go beyond basic class expectations; these opportunities occur both inside classrooms and in extracurricular settings.  We support and augment faculty efforts to provide high interest independent and collaborative work which fosters intellectual curiosity and the desire to pursue knowledge beyond basic requirements.


Extracurricular Programs at LDMS


Summer Opportunities